Minimum Viable Product MVP

As much as I like things to be perfect I soon discovered from my startup camp experience that its far more important to have a minimum viable product out there and generating interest. After all how can you determine how worthwhile your time investment is without throwing out your ideas and testing the reaction. That’s always something scary for any developer, but probably is the correct approach.

And so I am releasing a quick weekend project I created when I became interested in Google’s Instant search. Welcome to which is my first real attempt at anything interesting with jQuery and using my search skills. Essentially its a search engine totally focused on PHP. Feel free to give it a whirl. Some queries work better then others on it, but “mysql” is a pretty good search term. At the moment its just showing the results from RSS feeds that are being crawled and the function list in PHP but it is a pretty good start. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

MySQL Error – Error:1356: View references invalid..

I managed to get the following error the other day while helping migrate and upgrade some MySQL databases for a client.
mysqldump: Got error: 1356: View 'database.table' references
invalid table(s) or column(s) or function(s) or definer/invoker of view
lack rights to use them when using LOCK TABLES

The above appeared anytime I tried to dump the database to a SQL file using mysqldump. Its actually one of the better errors I have seen come out of MySQL (which has pretty terrible error reporting most of the time) and tells you exactly what is going wrong. Essentially there is a old view in the the database that should be removed since its no longer valid and is throwing a compile exception.

Of course this isn’t useful most of the time and the workaround is to add the force command -f into the mysqldump command. This forces the database to dump everything anyway which is perfect for automated backups.

Startupcamp Opinions

So the other weekend I attended a Sydney Startup Camp. While I am not going to say that the entire experience was positive im not going to call out the reasons in too much depth. What I have noticed is that its very ‘clicky’. It seems that despite the organizers attempt to break up up people who know each other it seems to be impossible.

A lot of the experience seems to focus on the non technical side of things which is good for people like me who are mostly technical it also means that you end up having a marathon sprint to finish features and then spend a lot of time trying to keep awake while going though things that I would describe as about as interesting as watching paint dry. A necessary evil but I still hate doing it.

In short, while I think the experience was worthwhile I doubt I would go and try another one. The thing I found is that generally as a developer I can take the ideas I have and do something with them myself. It seemed people were more interested in actually launching a company rather then treating the whole thing as a worthwhile experience allowing you to connect and cross skill. The other thing being I am a fan of regular sleep patterns and I certainly had none of that! I think that I could have gained almost as much value from doing my own, with people I know and eating and sleeping well at the same time. That said the experience was exceptional and I am a big fan of trying new things.