Hello World Collection

I was looking through the logs of what people are searching for and noticed there is a large amount of “Hello World” searches such as “hello world java” which actually came up with no results. I couldn’t have that continue so I quickly integrated the Hello World Collection

You can now search for hello world in 400+ languages (although curiously no in Clojure). Just type hello world and the language you are searching for EG,

helloworld java
hello world lisp
hello world php

Google Killing off Code Search

Google has just annouced that they are killing off two new products, Buzz and Google Code search (read here). Buzz is a no brainer (although I am certain someone out there is using it) but code search is a little sad. Its also both annoying and an opportunity for http://searchco.de/

Its annoying because I have branch in my source control which integrates with Google code search. I was about to push it out too. This kills a few hours integration work which is annoying. I can understand Googles point of view though. I imagine that the Grep code search was rather CPU heavy and that storing all that source code (including versions) would have really eaten up some disk space. I would be curious to see their stats though as im certain there is enough traffic there to make something viable.

Nevermind, it means that there are opportunities for others to do so. I may even look into it myself. In other news however responding to feedback I have integrated some of the Cobol intrinsic functions into the search results. You can search for them COBOL


It was a long weekend here in Australia and as such I decided to take it with my girlfriend and spend time totally off the grid. As I came back from my time off I had a look at my general stats and was very surprised to see some massive spikes. Looked into it a bit more and it seems searchco.de has gotten some coverage from a few sites. See the below,


Of note to me were the happy people, and more importantly the non happy ones.

Vinay Chowdary ยท Gayatri Vidya Parishad
I tried to search as cobol exec.
result is null.
i am also not impressed.

Nilesh Raghuvanshi
Tried searchco.de for some simple search e.g. c++ aoti, c++ make_pair, cpp aoti. No results :-(. Not impressed!

This sort of feedback is just what I needed. I have been working on Ruby and C# but will step up adding C++ and Cobol (was that post serious?) as quickly as I can.