searchcode server released

searchcode server the downloadable self hosted version of is now available. A large amount of work went into the release with a variety of improvements based on feedback from the general beta releases.

searchcode server

searchcode server has a number of advantages over that will eventually be back-ported in. The full list of things to check out is included below,

  • New Single Page Application UI for smooth search experience
  • Ability to split on terms so a search for “url signer” will match “UrlSigner”
  • Massively improved performance 3x in the worst case and 20x in the best
  • Configurable through UI and configuration
  • Spelling suggestion that learns from your code

A few things of note,

  • Java 8 application built using Lucene and Spark Framework
  • Designed to work any server. The test bench server is a netbook using an Intel Atom CPU and searches return in under a second
  • Scales to Gigabytes of code and thousands of repositories
  • Works on Linux, OSX and Windows

Be sure to check it out!

searchcode server
searchcode server
searchcode server