Design for searchcode server

A very brief update about the progress of searchcode server. Currently I am in the middle of reworking how the index is built and maintained. The idea being I want to add zero downtime index rebuilds which requires a blue/green index strategy. It is still very much in flux but the current design is to merge the indexer and searcher which should allow this to happen. I have been playing around with using an iPad as a production device these days and produced the following document.

Edit. People keep asking me what App I used to create this. It was made Pureflow for iOS and then exported.

Home Battery Systems – You may de-rate system capacity

A quick post. I was looking at the prices to install a home battery system the other day. During the sales process I was informed that for a modular system such as the one provided by Ampetus that if you don’t buy 2 or more batteries that

“you may de rate system capacity”

Sound’s impressively scary! Slightly worried I asked that it means. Thankfully what it actually means is that instead of getting 3kW delivery using two batteries that one battery matched with the inverter may only deliver 1.5kW. This is not a problem if you are still connected to the grid but it can mean that your inverter isn’t working at its full potential. So in short nothing to worry about.