I’m a software developer by trade who after years of leaving articles and blog posts all over the place has finally gotten around to consolidating them all into this single site.

I am a professional software engineer who has been working in development with a focus on testing for over 15 years. In that time I have played an integral part in developing and implementing testing methodologies for all sorts of projects including,

* Internal web based applications supporting thousands of users
* Customer facing websites with 10’s of millions of uniques a day
* Large financial applications handling multi billion dollar projects
* HR applications for 10’s of thousands of employees dealing with sensitive information
* Internal desktop applications used across company groups connecting to centralised servers
* Highly performant web service endpoints supporting entire businesses
* ETL systems processing millions of records every hour


Some notable projects and blog posts of mine,

Also here are a few press write ups I have received for my project searchcode.com, with most of the details provided by myself

Want to hire me? Have a look at my attached resume and email me at bboyte01@gmail.com